Giveaway / Special offer


Please scroll down to find info about our LIMITED special offer.


Please read the info and rules below, to be sure you will be able to use the award, if you get to be the lucky winner!

Do you like tattoos? Do you want a new tattoo? It would be a nice gift for yourself after this exhausting year.

Hope you already followed two steps to enter the giveaway. Now I want to give you some more info on how to use the award and what rules apply.

You have a chance to win a free tattoo in the crazy value of 2000.-CHF.  Tattoo will be done by the owner and tattoo artist Davor Korda, who specializes in realism, both black and gray and color. With the value of 2000.-CHF you can get a tattoo in size big  enough to be done over one full day sitting (value 1200.-CHF) plus one half day sitting (800.-CHF). It will be done in Korda Tattoo Studio in Zurich, Kernstrasse 31, 8004.

Some rules to help this goes easy and without missunderstandings.

Please do not apply if you can not follow all the rules.

-Must be 18+ years old to be able to participate

-Tattoo must be done in our studio in Zurich

-Must be done in two sessions, must be one tattoo, not few smaller

-It can not be used for Cover-up or refreshing old tattoos, neither tribal tattoos

-Must be used until 1. March 2021.

-If you tap out in the middle of session, the whole session will be charged anyways

-The winner will be picked randomly by the application, video will be posted on our story

-Winner will be announced on 11th of January 2021




Special offer! Buy an hour, get an hour!

Please read the info about our special offer.

This offer will last from 06.01.2021. until 16.01.2021. and it is limited by the number of vouchers.

All the vouchers must be used until 01.04.2021.

Vouchers can be used as gift cards, but can not be sold.

To make it more clear how it works, we will give you an example.

If you want to get a tattoo that takes a full day session ( 6hours) and it is worth 1200.-CHF, you buy 3 hours and pay only 600.-CHF.

For smaller tattoos, send us your idea, with size and placement and we will be happy to give you a cost estimate, and then you can buy your voucher.

Minimum voucher to buy is 100.-CHF.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message us on email, on our Instagram (@korda_tattoo_collective) or our Facebook page (Korda Tattoo & Piercing Studio).