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Tattoo Voucher – Gift Card

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Physical copy of a Gift voucher, in the worth of 1200.- CHF, which includes one full day session of tattooing.

Please write down the name that will be displayed on the Voucher in the comment section above. If you are buying it for yourself, write your name down.

Perfect gift for a birthday or as a Christmas gift.

Full-day session includes around 5 hours of tattooing. To read more click here.

Before buying make sure to check out our work in a Tattoo gallery.

Important: there are some tattoo styles and motives that we are not comfortable doing, therefore we are not able to provide the service for
  • Tribal (Polynesian, Maori)
  • Micro tattoos (single needle tattoos)
  • Offensive and disrespectful motives and symbols
In case we refuse to offer the service, the amount will be refunded.

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